Frequently Asked Questions

As you can see from this website, you are unable to order a table directly from this site. We set up this site to showcase the tables we have built and to tell others a little about who we are. These tables are built to order and to last a lifetime. We want to make sure you get the personal attention you deserve when ordering a new Farmhouse Table from us. We are glad to help you go through the options and colors you’d like and also let you know the time schedule on delivery and setup of your new table and benches.

We ask for a small deposit to cover the materials and to secure you a delivery date on the calendar. We use PayPal for all of our deposits. Since we don’t know each other, PayPal is a secure way to send a deposit. You don’t have to give us a credit card number over the phone. PayPal guarantees your purchase against fraud.

No, however, we offer custom made matching benches for your table.  All the chairs in our ads belong to the people who bought our tables. They either had chairs or bought new chairs to match their new tables. However, there are sites online that sell quality chairs and can drop ship them to us to be assembled and stained to match your new table for a nominal fee.

Once an order is placed and a deposit is received, it usually takes around 3 weeks to get your new table.

These tables do have grooves and gaps in them. This is normal as the tables need to be able to expand and contract with the humidity in your home.  A small *Room* humidifier can be bought for as little as $25. Many people who have expensive piano’s, fine art and antique furniture know that humidity levels must be kept relatively high so as to not dry out and damage their collectibles.

Our tables contain natural imperfections. These imperfections might be cracks (checking), knot holes, dents and other deviations. Due to the nature of wood the abundance of these features may vary.

We use mostly Pine, Spruce, and Douglas Fir for our tables. We are also able to get other types of wood such as Oak, Walnut, and Maple. We only charge the cost difference of these other woods and never mark them up.

We don’t make Pedestal Tables. Pedestal Tables are inherently weak and are easy to damage. We want our tables to last a lifetime.  I like to tell our customers that they can jump up and down on one of our tables.

We prefer not to use reclaimed wood. No one really knows if those old barns were treated with harsh chemicals in the past. The last thing we want is someone’s child eating off of a table we made and have chemicals still off-gassing from treatments years ago. We have the ability to make new wood look old, so we don’t see a need to use old wood.

We offer a Tapered Leg design for our tables that we do in house. However, people will often order turned legs separately and have them shipped directly to us to build their new tables and benches around.  See the link below for some popular designs that we often use.  (

We have been known to use Treated Lumber for the legs of our tables but ONLY when the table is being used outdoors. We would Never use or recommend others to use Treated Lumber for the interior of a home. We have noticed that other builders will use treated lumber for table legs because untreated 4×4’s may not available in their areas. We go to great lengths to find quality untreated lumber. Also, any good Carpenter would know that it is better to laminate two or more boards together than it is to use treated lumber in someones home.